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Growers and artisans

Thanks to all the artisans who work with us to offer you every day the best of ourselves.

Your passion and love for the profession inspires us and motivates us to be your most loyal ambassadors.

Respect the product, respect the land, respect our roots.

    • Élevage des Pigeonneaux Turlo

      Elevage pigeonneaux turlo

      Since 2009, Rhea Loranger and Nicolas Turcotte, two young farmers a bit crazy, supply us with their grain-fed and antibiotic-free piglet, raised on their beautiful farm in St-Gervais de Bellechasse.

    • Ferme des Monts

      Ferme des monts

      Marc Berube, vegetable farmer since more than a quarter century, grows organic vegetables at St-Agnès, in Charlevoix. With his vault, you can enjoy "forgotten vegetables" and root vegetables all winter.

    • Fromagerie de la Ferme Ducrêt

      Fromage ducret

      Rudy Ducreux is an inspired cheese artisan and specialized in production of farmhouse cheeses made with raw milk. His herd of twenty Jersey cows, strictly grass-fed, procured the needed milk to create the best cheeses.

    • Vignoble Les Pervenches

      Vignoble les pervenches

      Veronique Hupin and Michael Marler, owner-winemakers of a vineyard of ​​three hectares located in Farnham, work organic farming since 2005. Their wines, healthy, living and natural are of exceptional quality.

    • Boulangerie Éric Borderon

      Boulangerie eric borderon

      Eric Borderon is our baker for fifteen years. His 9 grains bread is a favorite of our customers. We owe to this generous guy the first artisan bakery in Quebec dedicated to the foodservice industry.