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The well-deserved break

Price of the meal includes starter and main course

Soup of the day

Green salad, homemade dressing

Chef's suggestion  +1$

Homemade smoked salmon, herbs emulsion, crouton  +3$

Meat  17$

Homemade chorizo sausage, white balsamic vinegar potato salad, braised red onion

Vegetarian plate  18$

Onion bahji, sour cream, grilled lettuce, pickle, labrador tea vinaigrette

Pasta du bedeau  19$

Matane shrimp, creamy corn sauce, pepper and roasted corn, Grana Padano cheese

Fish of the day  20$

Pan seared piece of fish, ancestral tomato, basil pesto, celery root remoulade, confit and smoked cherry tomato

Sustainable fishing marinated raw tuna  20$

Soy, ginger and horseradish, lightly pickled beet, cucumber and radish, crispy bread

The classic  20$

Our classic bistro dish changing every day. Ask your server...

Price of the dessert includes coffee or tea

Dessert in a jar  +5$

Homemade fresh cheese, seasonal fruit, maple syrup  +5$



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Cold soup


Summer inspired...

Celeri salad


Celeriac, lettuce, roasted grape, walnut, chervil and green apple vinaigrette

Raw and marinated tuna from sustainable fishing


Soya, ginger and horseradish vinaigrette, marinated vegetables, crouton

Organic homemade fresh cheese and herbs


Fried zucchini flower with ratatouille, daisy bouton, spicy tomato puree

Mackerel escabeche


Marinated fennel and shallot, tomato jelly, cucumber sorbet, celery sprout

Jerky seal BLT


Ancestral tomato, lettuce, crouton with camelina oil, black garlic mayonnaise

Seafood starter

Market price

Depending on the arrival, grilled corn, chickpeas, roasted jalapeno, meat gravy aioli


Main Courses

Raw and marinated tuna from sustainable fishing


Soya, ginger and horseradish vinaigrette, marinated vegetables, crouton

Vegetarian plate


Grilled vegetable arancini, homemade ricotta cheese, tomato confit, leek

Homemade blood pudding


Fried polenta, Tokyo turnip and beet glazed in maple syrup, mustard, shallot and blackcurrant jam

Homemade fresh pasta


Fettuccine, herb pesto, roasted pepper, pork and shrimp polpette, parmesan cheese

Pressed grain chicken


Stuffed with leek, roasted cauliflower, chanterelle, garlic flower, meat juice sabayon

Beef shoulder filet from Quebec


Lightly smoked, mushroom ketchup, Darphin potato, onion confit, red wine sauce

Fish of the day

Market price

Parboiled swiss chard and bok choy, broccoli, garlic flower, seaweed broth, purple shiso

Casserole dish to share (for two)

Market price

Changing inspiration dish according to the arrivals. Inform your waitress or waiter ...


* The fresh bread from La Boîte à Pain

In order to respect the work of our artisan baker and to avoid waste, our bread is available on request.


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Just out of bed

The price included a gourmet verrine, a brunch plate of your choice, 2 espresso or 1 latte bowl

Le père Vert   18$

Stuffed zucchini flower with veggie pate and goat cheese, deviled egg, tomato salad, nuts

La première communion   19$

Bread pudding, maple syrup, fresh fruit, mild spice creme fraiche

L'abbé Chamel   19$

Poached egg, herbs waffle, ham from la Turlo farm, bechamel sauce, mushroom, roasted potatoes

Le sang des saints   20$

Homemade blood pudding, red pepper and basil frittata, cream and mustard sauce with garlic flower

Le péché du pêcheur   20$

Sustainable fishing marinated tuna, soy, horseradish, ginger, pickled vegetables, crispy bread

L'action de grâce   21$

Crispy Turlo Farm pork belly, mushroom and corn scrambled egg, roasted potatoes

L'oeuf charistie   21$

Pan seared piece of beef, potatoes, green beans and cherry tomatoes salad, ranch dressing, chimichurri, sunny side up egg

Le corps du christ   21$

Spelled pancake stuffed with duck confit, Migneron de Charlevoix cheese, caramelized onion and cranberry, roasted potatoes, salad

La bénédiction   22$

Homemade smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, cucumber and radish salad, mint dressing, roasted potatoes


Run chicken, run..!

Our eggs come from free run raised chickens from Thériault farm at Saint-Apollinaire

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