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The well-deserved break

Price includes starter, main course, coffee or tea

Soup of the day

Green salad, homemade dressing

Chef's suggestion (+1$)

Salmon gravlax, herbs emulsion, crouton (+3$)

Pasta du bedeau

Braised ham with beer, cream and mustard sauce, caramelized onion, mushroom

Vegetarian plate (+1$)

Braised endive, mulled wine pineapple, wild flower pollen and endive salad, honeyed peacan, Ciel de Charlevoix cheese

Meat (+2$)

Stuffed chicken leg with boudin blanc, leek bread pudding, meat juice and cranberry sauce

Fish of the day (+3$)

Pan seared piece of fish, coconut glazed salsifis, miso beurre blanc, Jerusalem artichoke puree with brown butter

Sustainable fishing marinated raw tuna (+4$)

Soy, ginger and horseradish, lightly pickled beet, cucumber and radish, crispy bread

The classic (+…$)

Our classic bistro dish changing every day. See slate or server...

Dessert in a jar (+5$)

Homemade fresh cheese, seasonal fruit, maple syrup (+5$)




from 17$

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Roasted turnip, smoked sour cream, onion chips, spicy bacon

Ham soup


Ham cooked on the bone, barley, maitake

Raw and marinated tuna from sustainable fishing


Soya, ginger and horseradish vinaigrette, marinated vegetables, crouton

Homemade fresh cheese and herbs


Bison smoked meat, marinated fiddle head, mushroom toffee, seaweed powder

Chicken liver mousse


Mulled wine raisin, tea jelly, black radish vinaigrette, brioche

Hallibut cheek


Mushroom broth with ginger, swiss chard, celeriac, chicharones

Pressed lamb from Quebec


Blackcurrant jelly, melting leek, beet vinaigrette, mustard leaf

Main courses

Raw and marinated tuna from sustainable fishing


Soya, ginger and horseradish vinaigrette, marinated vegetables, crouton

Vegetarian plate


Squash polenta, sweet and sour pumpkin sauce, herbs tofu, roasted squash, spicy squash vinaigrette

Homemade blood pudding


Naked oat from Gaspesie, parsnip, apple emulsion, crabapple confit, puffed oat

Homemade agnolotti


Braised pork chine, bouillabaisse sauce, red pepper and roasted garlic coulis, red pepper crumble

Piece of beef from Prince Edward Island 


Wild mushroom and Jerusalem artichoke tarte fine, garlic flower sauce

Veal sweetbread


Cornbread, hazelnut, red plum, cipollini onion, acacia berry gastric sauce

Fish of the day

Market price

Spicy tomatoes broth, rabiole, mussels and Clos-des-Batures dry sausage vinaigrette

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Just out of bed

The price included a gourmet verrine, a brunch plate of your choice, 2 espresso or 1 latte bowl

La première communion   18$

Beaver tail, maple sugar with cardamom, fresh fruits, orange crème fraîche

Le père Vert   18$

Corn pancake, squash hummus with camelina oil, cucumber and squash salad, fried chickpea, scrambled egg

L'abbé Chamel   19$

Poached egg, herbs waffle, ham from la Turlo farm, bechamel sauce, mushroom, roasted potatoes

L'action de grâce   19$

Maple lacquered pork flank from Turla Farm, florentine quiche with d'Eschambault cheese, spicy pecan, roasted potatoes 

Le sang des saints   20$

Homemade blood pudding, pommes dauphines with chine bacon, sauce mornay, soft boiled egg

L'oeuf charistie   20$

Hamburg steak with AAA Angus beef, pan seared mushroom and onion, red wine sauce, potato salad, sunny side up egg

Le corps du christ   21$

Homemade lamb merguez stew, squash, potato, onion, poched egg, greens

La bénédiction   21$

Cod fish cake, poched egg, smoked butter hollandaise sauce, capers

Le péché du pêcheur   22$

Sustainable fishing marinated tuna, soy, horseradish, ginger, pickled vegetables, crispy bread

Run chicken, run..!

Our eggs come from free run raised chickens from Thériault farm at Saint-Apollinaire

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Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day


Shrimp agnelottis

sea shell broth, celeriac, sweet pea, ginger, dried egg yolk

Niagara Peninsula «Riesling Sputnik» 2016, Pearl-Morissette


Veal sweetbread

nuts vinaigrette, matsutake and paris mushroom puree, marinated mushroom

Mendocino County «Fox Hill Vineyard Cortese» 2014, Idlewild

Venison consomme

homemade smoked meat, chanterelle, diced vegetable, cavatelli


beet in salt crust, honey glaze, warm rapini salad, whelk and rabiole vinaigrette

Anjou «Le Quart des Noëls» 2015, Pierre Ménard


Duck magret

foie gras nougat, parsnip dauphine, leek emulsion, meat juice and roasted leek vinaigrette

Mendocino County «Fox Hill Vineyard Barbera» 2014, Idlewild

Tarte tatin

served for two with homemade vanilla ice cream

Vouvray «Cuvée Novembre» 2002, Domaine Pinon


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