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Our Team

We are what we eat.

We constantly look for the best , for us and for you.

This is our profession, we chose it, we love it and are proud of.

See you there ...

    • Thomas Pélissier Co-Owner

      Ccp 1183 edit

      New gard since 2008

      Favorite band: 

      The National

      Beloved cocktail: 

      Negroni Sbagliato

      Super power: 

      Get people talking... 

    • Mathieu Brisson Chef and Co-Owner

      Ccp 1428 edit

      Spiritual leader since 2008

      Favorite band: 

      The Roots

      Beloved cocktail: 

      Pimm's Lemonade

      Super power: 

      With great power comes great responsibility ...

    • François Pélissier Co-Owner

      Ccp 1084 edit edit

      Clansman since 2012

      Favorite band: 


      Beloved cocktail: 

      English red ale

      Super power: 

      8th inning set up man with the 1994 Expos...

    • Christophe Hébert Brunch Sous-Chef

      Ccp 1242 edit

      Downy Chin since 2011

      Favorite band: 

      Creedence Clearwater Revival

      Beloved cocktail: 

      Any Gin & Tonic

      Super power: 

      Eternal youth...

    • Marc Lamarre Server - Head Sommelier - Barista

      Ccp 1397 edit

      Red shepherd since 2012

      Favorite band: 

      Beastie Boys

      Beloved cocktail: 

      Pinot Noir

      Super power: 

      Supersonic voice...

    • Le Bedeau Du Clocher Host

      Ccp 1468

      Maître d'hôtel since 2001

      Favorite artist: 

      Jean-Robert Drouillard

      Beloved cocktail: 

      Murphy Oil «On The Rocks!»

      Super power: 

      Say hello, goodbye and thank you without speaking...